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Kidz World is located at Preston Ridge Church.

Fast Facts

Fall 2022-2023 Program:

Kidz World Preschool Fall start is August 22, 2022


Kidz World integrates fun with learning. Our program is designed to enrich the whole child-spritually, academically and creatively.


We want to open your child's heart to the word of God over and over at Kidz World. God's love is made real with simple biblical truth…scriptures, repetition and illustrations make it tangible. Our chapel songs are awesome worship and you'll love hearing your kid sing them to you at home.


This developmentally PLAY BASED PROGRAM, is currently used by FISD and endorsed by the Texas Education Association.  It uses hands-on, multi-sensory techniques to teach letter and number formation, the kids think they are playing, we know they are learning. Your child will be using the “Letters and Numbers for Me” workbook to print letters and number, words and simple sentences.  The worksheets include lessons for building letters with Wood Pieces and lessons using large arm movements, Air Tracing, Letter Sizes and Places exercises, Voices, Letter Stories and more. 

These strategies invite active participation and address diverse learning styles so that all children achieve to their highest potential and develop a love of learning. Lessons present new concepts in order from the easiest to the most challenging so that children master skills one step at a time to develop ease and confidence.  Our goal is to make handwriting a natural and automatic skill. 

The Learning Without Tears curriculem develops literacy skills and meets 100% of the handwriting TEKS.


Think P.E. in disguise. Explore instruments and learn rhythm while having a whole lot of moving fun. Music permeates every part of our program…the repetition and finger play is excellent subliminal learning and they amaze themselves with what they know! You’ll find yourself recording them singing themselves to sleep at night with one of our many school songs.


Encouraging students to explore Art and Science projects by using different mediums, techniques and out of the box thinking. Where getting messy is alive and well!


This online registration will be complete and eligible for class placement once the non-refundable fee has been received based on availability. Please make checks payable to Kidz World Preschool and mail or drop off at school. 


We follow FISD regarding bad weather closure, except during “delayed openings.” (Kidz World will stay closed all day.) Check the Frisco ISD website for their weather closure, our closed Facebook groups will also have updated weather information.


Monday-Thursday; 8 a.m. to 4:130 p.m., Friday 8 a.m. to 2:15 p.m., Summer hours vary (call for an appointment); forms & literature may be dropped into the secured mailbox at any time. The mailbox is located by the church office.

 Kidz World Preschool is located at Preston Ridge Church
5849 Hillcrest Road Frisco, TX 75035


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