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Learning Without Tears

Texas Education Agency

endorsed program

learning without tears (2)

This developmentally appropriate program, currently used by FISD, uses hands-on, multi sensory techniques to teach letter and number formation. Your child will be using the  “Letters and Numbers for Me” workbook to print letters and number, words and simple sentences.  The worksheets include lessons for building letters with Wood Pieces and lessons using large arm movements, Air Tracing, Letter Sizes and Places exercises, Voices, Letter Stories and more.  


These strategies invite active participation and address diverse learning styles so that all children achieve to their highest potential and develop a love of learning. Lessons present new concepts in order from the easiest to the most challenging so that children master skills one step at a time to develop ease and confidence.  Our goal is to make handwriting a natural and automatic skill. 

You can help.  Throughout the year, your childs teacher may ask your child to bring items from home to support classroom lessons.  They may also send materials for home practice and discussion.  This all helps to reinforce handwriting in its most basic practice.

Learning without tears


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Learning Without Tears Program.