Now enrolling for Fall 2022/ Spring 2023!


Kidz World is located at Preston Ridge Church.

Meet our Kidz World Staff


Meet Our Leadership Team

Kidz World Preschool is excited to have your family be part of our family.      As your leadership team, we want to make your experience with Kidz World Preschool is joyful and that our parents are confident of the quality of care and eduaction your child will recieve. 

Please let us know if you have any questions about enrolling your child at Kidz World Preschool.

Kidz World Preschool, Director - Ms. Nish

Kidz World Preschool, Curriculum Director - Ms. Tab   

The Little's

(2 year old) team of Ms. Evie and Ms. Abby are excited to have your little ones spend the day with us! We love this age. The adorable cheeks, the nap time hair…the lovies! It's such a little world of wonder and it's our passion to make sure from here to there, learning is fun everywhere.

The Middle's

(3 year old) team of Ms. Karrie, Ms. Veronica and Ms. Reina love to be silly and get messy with your preschool kiddos!  Your child has fun, feels safe, and loved.

The Pre-K

(4-year-old) team of Ms. Tricia and Ms. Wendy love to get the kiddos into messy and creative and so do we! We LOVE to watch their full imagination bloom alongside their personality. It’s a year full of ah-ha moments!

Transitional Kindergarten 

(5-year-old), Ms. Tab teaches a class that is a colorfully exciting bridge for those kids who need the gift of a tad more time. The extra year grows them physically socially and academically before entering the traditional school system. We lovingly nurture their confidence through this important transition. 

Music & Movement and Chapel

Ms. Nelly, who brings Music & Movement and Chapel to all of our kiddos each week!  Music and movement enables children to learn new words and concepts through activities such as chanting rhymes, creating sounds using household items and singing songs to learn the alphabet.   


Ms. Alicia, encourages the students to explore Art and Science projects by using different mediums, techniques and out of the box thinking. Where getting messy is alive and well!